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WpRentals is a very well crafted premium booking theme, chosen by 10,000+ buyers and rated by 500+ customers an average of reviews for its customizability, design quality, support efficiency and code quality. 

Trusted by world-wide real estate companies and developers

The theme is well-built, easy to use and to also set-up. I was having an issue on the site and the theme support staff have been brilliant. They've been quick to respond and have fixed my issue quickly - Exactly what you want from theme support.
Website Owner
I never write reviews, but their support has been eager to help with any issue and consistently friendly. So far, they haven't refused any request from me! In general the theme seems to be an effective tool to get a real estate site going quickly.
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I tested several other Themes before deciding that WP Estate was the best choice for me. The theme has a ton of features, is highly customizable, and comes with almost everything I could have wanted for creating my own short term rental website.
Website Owner
Absolutely loving the look and feel of the WP Rentals theme, but that's not my main reason for the five stars. The support I have been receiving (both for genuine questions and for when I'm having 'blonde moments') has been above and beyond superb. Nothing is too much trouble for the team.
Website Owner

17 Pre-made Demo Websites

17 website layouts come packaged right inside WpRentals. Each template is customizable, and you can edit, mix and match features as desired from theme options

Main Rentals Demo
Paphos Rentals Demo
Single Owner - Single Property Demo
Single Owner Multiple Properties Demo
Single Listing and Single Owner Demo
Motorhomes Rentals Demo
Demo with Payments through WooCommerce
Vacation Rentals Demo
Vacation Rentals Demo
Vacation Rentals Demo
Vacation Rentals Demo
Vacation Rentals Demo
Boat Rentals - Elementor based demo
Boat Rentals - Bakery based demo
Vacation Rentals Demo
Ski (Object) Rentals by Hour
Office Space & Events (hourly or daily) Rental

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Flexible Booking Form

Advanced Booking System

A unique booking system, for daily or hourly rent, with many options for managing listing price, calendar availability, listing details & more.

Custom Booking Form

The built-in booking form allows sending booking requests for a specific period. 

Select check-in and check-out, the number of guests and any other extra booking options enabled by the owner for that listing.

Instant Booking

Instant booking option is a specific checkbox available for each listing. 

When enabled, this option allows users to send booking requests if the selected period is open, without owner approval being required.

Booking Per Hour

You can use this option for all properties or you can let each owner select whether he wishes to show prices by the hour or by day/night. 

Each owner can select which is the start and end hour in a day.

Custom Prices Per Period

Select specific dates in the calendar to add custom prices per night, per night for longer periods, and per guest. 

Add a different rate for weekend nights, your choice for minimum no of days and specific turnover days. These apply to hourly booking too.

Booking Without Guests

You can remove the guests dropdown from the booking form and submit listing form. 

This option enables the possibility to use the theme to rent single objects (with price per hour or price per night)

Booking Core Features

WpRentals is the most versatile theme on the market by allowing you to manage the booking form with varius options.

Custom price per night or hour for longer periods

Offer a discounted price per night or hour for longer booked periods. These values can be overwritten from the custom price panel for specific dates.  

Select turn-over nights

Set specific days of the week for a visitor to check-in and/or check-out (turnover days). In the custom price area you can apply the settings for just a limited period.

Early-bird discount

For booking requests beforehand users can get an early bird discount. The percentage will show in the booking request form for a minimum number of nights in advance. 

Week-end night or hour price

With this option you can set globally the weekend nights. You can add a special rate for weekend nights, and, you can overwrite this value for particular dates too.

Minimum number of nights

This option lets you add a minimum number of nights a guest can stay to ensure the booking length. The number can be overwritten for specific periods too.

City fee

The city fee can be applied as a single fee, a fee by night, by guest, by night and guest, or as a percentage from the total booking rate.

Cleaning fee

The owner has the option to add the cleaning fee to the total booking value as a fixed price, as a fee per night, per guest or as a fee per night and guest. 

Taxes in % for owner view

The owner can add VAT tax value for each listing. Only the owner sees in his invoices the VAT value and the total net earnings so he can know how much he actually earns.

Pay by the number of guests

This option lets you charge per guest instead of the price per night. You can set a price per guest globally, or you can overwrite it for a specific periods.

Allow guests over capacity

The owner has the option to allow more guests than set by default.  The price for extra guest is set separately than price per night. 

Security Deposit

The owner can request a security deposit in case of possible damages. The fee goes to site admin when booking is confirmed. The amount can be refunded by admin only.

Manage calendar months and guests number

Admin sets the number of months to show in the booking calendar and in the custom price calendar, as well as the max guests value in the guests drop-down.

SMS by Twilio

Enable SMS notifictions & Phone Verification through Twilio API setup directly from theme options. Receive SMS as admin, guest and owner. 

Show owner contact form instead of booking

Replace each listing booking form with the owner contact form if you wish a simpler method to manage rental inquiries. 

Redirect url for Book Now button

Replace the book now button in the booking form with a custom URL of your choice. This URL is set by owner for each listing.

Advanced Search Features

WpRentals is extremely versatile and allows you to take control of every aspect of advanced search options.

Unlimited Custom Search Fields

You have the option to create search forms with unlimited fields and design your own search using default fields or your own custom fields.

Searched availability dates stay in the booking form

As you search for a property, the dates will auto-complete in the property booking form if you open the listing from search results. 

Radius search and geolocations

Search for real estate properties located around a proximity point selected in the maps, in miles or km.

Ajax Search

WP Rentals theme supports AJAX to browse and find listings in real time. With this filter, the properties markers on the map will sync with the search property list results on the half map style page. 

Move the map to find properties

This option allows the user see the properties in map view and in a list while moving the Map using drag-and-drop or zoom-in and zoom-out. Admin manages this search tool.

Location search with Google Places, Open Street or Algolia

For the location search field, you have the option to search using Google Places or Algolia auto-complete, which finds properties by country, state, area or city.

Location auto-complete or dropdown field

You can use the theme’s auto-complete system to find listings by location. This works only with the countries, states, cities, and areas saved in the theme database.

Search widget

There is a dedicated advanced search widget that can fit on any page sidebar, be it property page or blog post. The widgets form fields sync with your search form settings.

Search shortcode

With one shortcode you can add advanced search form and place it inside your pages. The shortcode  form fields sync with your search form settings.

Half map results

Display search results as a half map page, with the map on the left, and the search fields with the properties list on the right. You manage the search fields for this form.

Standard search results

Show the search results page as a standard page. You can leave out the Map and add extra widgets on sidebar if needed.

Search Position Control

Choose where to show the advanced search form in header, floating, before or after your hero header. You can also remove the advanced search altogether.

Price slider values

Manage directly from admin area the minimum and maximum price slider values. 

Amenities and Features

Include in the search form specific property features and amenities that apply to all your listings. 

Multi-currency widget

Use a dedicated multi-currency widget to display the prices in different currencies. 

Beautiful Design

Listing Page Options

WP Rentals theme comes with 4 pre-built designs for the property page. Each one will immediately call attention to the listing’s best assets and booking form.

Property Page Type 1
Property Page Type 2
Property Page Type 3
Property Page Type 4
Property Page Type 5
Custom Icons for Features & Amenities
Custom Icons & Fields in Listing Overview
Custom Icons in Listing Infobox

Property Page Details

The property page displays the strong points of your listing and provides all the useful details for your visitors.

Hide location

Hide the location of the property for users who don’t have a confirmed booking. Turn on / off this option from admin.

GDPR checkbox for contact

Enable GDPR terms for contact form and write your specific terms in a separate template.

Show reviews

Show property reviews on the property page. Only users who have a confirmed booking can leave a review.

Booking form

Each property has attached a built-in booking form. Only available dates can be booked.

Availability calendar

Each property has its availability calendar to show the free and the booked dates. 

Lightbox image gallery

Click on any image property to see the lightbox gallery. It allows visitors to check all property images in a user-friendly view.

Add a Youtube or Vimeo video

Add a video from YouTube or Vimeo and it the player displays directly on property page, next to images. 

Virtual tour

Include animated virtual tours. These tours are created with separate software, but they have a big impact on your visitors. 

Unlimited custom fields

The new fields can have dropdown, text, number and date format and will show under Property Details below the default fields.

Sleeping arrangements

Show the type of beds in each bedroom in a dedicated section available on the lisitng page. 

Custom price details

The special prices will be published in a dedicated table to help visitors detect different rates by night, by weekend, by guest and so on.

Features & Amenities

You choose which features to add, group them, and add custom icons to each amenity. 

Terms & Conditions

Show visitors in a separate section what are the general terms and conditions set as owner. 

Similar Listings

On the property page, you can put on display the latest 3 similar listings from the same category, type, and city.

Contact owner

Easily send a message to a property owner. The message will be sent to owner’s email and to the owner’s Inbox message system.

Yelp -What's nearby

Your visitors will need to learn about the vicinity of your property and you can address this with Yelp.

Add to favorites

Adding to favorites feature is available only for registered users so this is a great enticement for signing up.

Share Property

With this feature you can share your property page on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Properties List Pages

Create a property listing page and manage its content from Theme Admin. You can add and erase properties from list, choose the sidebar and widgets positions and more.

Create Lists by Categories

Select from admin which property categories you want to show in list, and in which order. 

Ajax Filtering

Search properties with AJAX in the same page, fast and efficient.  There are different ways to use this system.

Creative design

You have several options to design your lists. We offer different property card design types.

Property list with maps on the right or left

The half map design can be created as a standalone page, or set for the advanced search results page and the property taxonomy page. Property cards can be shown as list or grid.

Property list with or without sidebar

An elegant design to list properties, with a sidebar on the left, or the right or no sidebar at all. with sidebar you can add extra widgets that grab your visitors’ attention. 

Three Property Cards Versions

Wp Rentals offers 3 design types for the property unit card. Each of them displays the most important info about the property. Card type 3 can e customized with your fields. 

Property Card Type 1
Property Card Type 2
Property Card Type 3

Perfect & Responsive

Mobile Ready

The WpRentals theme is developed by wpestate.org as fully responsive and works great on all devices, including smaller screen resolution.

It has a clean design that ensures fast loading and easily adapting to the size and capabilities of the device. Therefore, it offers visitors an excellent mobile experience.

Header Elements

The property page supports different elements that can be turned on and off, depending on what you wish to showcase as part of your listings.

Mega Menu

The theme has a mega menu, with custom widgets. You can show the menu items on 3 or 4 columns, separated by a border or decorated with a beautiful background image.

6 Hover Options

To enhance your site appearance, the theme includes 6 different hover types for the main menu area. You also have full control of the colors of the entire menu area.

Customizable Top Bar

Add extra top bar widgets above the menu area, an area dedicated to contact information, social accounts, multi currency or multi size widget or any other widget you wish to show.

Login & Register Section

The login / register area is managed from admin options. You can turn this on / off at any time, and you can also add extra options: social login, type password or let the system create the password, recaptcha.

Transparent Header

Transparent header is an elegant touch for websites nowadays, especially if you wish to add an interactive header media banner, a video or a slider. You can set transparent header for all pages or for specific ones.

Mobile Header

When entering responsive mode, you can show a particular menu just for mobile devices. The menu items are fully managed from admin by you, as well as the mobile menu colors

Several Media Header Options

The header media is the area below the main menu and before the content area. You can customize this section in order to display various content and functionalities. See the following for details.

Video Header

Choose a custom overlay color for a special effect, set video in full screen or add a custom height, as well as other features.

Parallax Effect

Use Parallax for your header images. Add an overlay color when necessary for an elegant effect, choose transparent header effect and more.

Splash Page

Splash pages are used to promote your company and products, and with Residence, you get three design variations for such a template.

Revolution Slider Header

Create gorgeous headers with Revolution slider plugin. Or import our demo sliders and get started right away.

Properties Slider Header

Choose as header a built-in theme slider with your favorite properties. 

Properties Slider Header v2

Choose as header a built-in theme slider with your favorite properties. This is the properties slider version 2.

Image Header with Parallax

Choose a custom overlay color for a special effect, set video in full screen or add a custom height, as well as other features.

Video Header

Choose a custom overlay color for a special effect, set video in full screen or add a custom height, as well as other features.

Maps Header

Your options for maps include: Open Street or Google Maps, price markers or custom pin images, custom height or full screen and more.

Three Splash Page Versions

Splash pages are used to promote your company and products, and with Residence you get three design variations for such a template: slider, video or image.

Manage Listings & Bookings

User Dashboard

Manage properties and their prices, see bookings, reservations, and messages, all directly from front-end user dashboard. From here you also update profile with your contact details.

Dashboard Account Overview
Dashboard Profile Management Page
Dashboard View with User's Properties
Submit Listing Form for User
Dashboard View with Edit Property Calendar
Dashboard with all in one calendar view
Dashboard View with My Reservations
Dashboard view with My Bokings as Owner
Dashboard View with Invoices Issued
Dashboard view with Inbox Messages
Dashboard with User's Favorite Listings
Dashboard with Membership based Submission

Dashboard Elements

The property page supports different elements that can be turned on and off, depending on what you wish to showcase as part of your listings.

Favorite Properties

Visitors can save favourite properties and they show in a list in their user dashboard account. 

Limit submissions to specific users

You can limit the options to add and manage properties for particular user(s) only. 

Instant Messages Inbox

Users can exchange messages though the theme using a private message system, visible to admin in backend.

Verify owner from My Profile

Show a verified badge on owners profiles who send proof of their ID as an image attachment from their profile page. 

Profile management

Enter the user dashboard and manage profile info includes a personal photo to display on the profile page and a detailed description of the owner.

Add property in steps

Manage listings from a dedicated dashboard. The property settings include details, prices, ICAL feed & calendar management and more.

Add custom prices for specific periods

When adding a new listing you have the option to set custom prices for specific days with the custom price calendar. 

Manage Properties

Owners can disable or enable a published property, delete a listing or edit it at any time. Search for a specific prop using a dedicated search tool.

Separate users on registration

WpRentals offers the option to create separate user accounts for booking users and booking & renting users. The later ones can create an owner profile and add properties.

All in one calendar

See all your properties and bookings in one place. From the same area you can add manual bookings for specific listings. 

Manage bookings received

The owner manages bookings requests from My Bookings page, by approving, rejecting or canceling if the case. 

Manage reservations sent

My Reservation page shows status of requests sent, allows to pay the deposit if required, and cancel the request if it’s not yet confirmed. 

Add Reviews

Users who have a confirmed reservations can add their review after the booking period ends directly from My Reservations.

Issue invoice with discount or extra fees

To confirm a booking request received, the owner is able to view details, add discounts or extra fees to the generated invoice.

Contact owner

User with a reservation sent (pending) or confirmed can send a message to owner inbox directly from his dashboard account.

Payments & Money

Monetize the theme and turn your website into an income generator. Set up payments via PayPal, Stripe or Wire Transfer or choose WooCommerce merchants.

Booking service fee to admin

As site admin you can charge a service fee for every confirmed booking deducted from total value. The fee may be a percentage of the booking price or a fixed amount. The owner contact details will be shown for confirmed bookings only.

Deposit fee to admin

From admin, you can set the deposit value in percentage or as a fixed rate. The fee applies to every booking and will show in user dashboard for each reservation. The deposit can be 0, or can be set to include the service fee only.

Pay remaining balance to admin

The user will see the remaining balance to be paid and is able to pay it to site admin from his dashboard. For this option, the theme sends a reminder 3 days before start of booking. 

Membership Submission

Create membership packages for each user role, and set for each package the number of included listings, a number of featured properties included, and package duration in days, weeks, months, or years.

Paid Submission

Enable the possibility to pay per listing and each user who wishes to publishes a property will have to pay a fee before. The theme allows you to add an extra fee to make a property featured.

Recurring membership payments

WpRentals supports recurring membership packages for property submission. Users will see the recurring checkbox when upgrading their free trial to a paid membership package. 

PayPal payments

Just add your PayPal account API details and the payments will automatically be processed to your PayPal account, be it regular or recurring membership submission payments.

Stripe payments - SCA Ready

WpRentals theme works with Stripe, a trusted credit card payment system. In site admin, add your own Stripe account API details, and the money received through the theme will be directed to your Stripe account.

WooCommerce Payments

if you need a different merchant to process payments for deposit or paid submission, install WooCommerce free plugin and use their supported merchants. The theme supports this option as alternative to theme Paypal  and Stripe. 

Wire transfer

Users can make offline payments to you using Wire Transfer and send you the amount directly to your back account. From admin, you will activate their booking after you receive the payment confirmation.

Invoice details

The registered user can see generated invoices in user dashboard when confirming a booking.  Also, when buying a membership package or a paid listing an invoice is automatically issued. The user can filter and sort invoices by date and print them.

Choose payment currency

From admin, set the payment currency using a dedicated drop-down that lists all currencies supported by PayPal or Stripe. Additionally, in theme options, you can add any currency you need if you choose Wire Transfer as payment method.

Instant checkout with WooCommerce

Let users check-out and pay as soon as they decide on a booking by enabling Instant Check-out. Login and register steps will be done automatically as users finish the payment. 

Send & confirm booking requests without deposit

As site admin you can choose to set 0 value for deposit and 0 value as service fee.  Users interested to rent can send booking requests if calendar is available and owner can approve the request manually or automatically. 

For Single or Multiple Owners

Register & Login

WPRentals can be used for multi owners or single (specific owners). If you allow it as admin, people register to add listings for rent and users register to send booking requests to property owners, similar to airbnb or homeaway.

Social Login by Facebook, Google or Twitter

These options are on/off from theme options.  Social login instantly redirects users to their profile using their social account email details. 

Single site owner

If you develop the platform as a single owner website, in admin specify which user has the owner rights to manage website listings. 

Selected Owners Only

You can manage from site wp-admin who are the users who can add listings and give the submission rights to multiple owners, but manually selected.

Separate Users on Registration

From admin, you can place users in two categories on registration step: users who want to book and users who want to book and rent. Only for users who specify their intent to rent the theme will create their own owner profile.

Redirect URL after login

You choose if the user stays on the same page after login, or if he is redirected to a specific page.  Users always stay on the listing page if they login from there. This does not apply to socail login. 

Contact Owner

The contact owner form is open to registered and non-registered users.  Registered users send messages that go straight to the owner’s dashboard and the owner will receive an email notification about the new message.

Owner Profile

The owner profile displays a list of properties, customer reviews and contact information. The later one is available only for users who confirmed reservation for that owner.
Owner Profile View for Users without confirmed bookings
Owner profile to registered users with confirmed bookings

Powerful Theme Admin Panel

150+ Theme Options

You can easily manage theme options in admin, from elements design to custom property fields, google maps and more. Check below screenshots for extra info.

Custom Theme Shortcodes

Elementor & WpBakery

The theme comes with several shortcodes that will help you build your pages without coding skills. Additionally, you benefit from various Elementor or Bakery ready shortcodes that are included in the WpRentals package.

Listing shortcodes

You can draw attention to the best of your listings with specific shortcodes. Designed to create a list, a slider or to add single featured properties published on your website.

Blog shortcodes

WpRentals offers the possibility to showcase your blog using specific shortcodes: blog articles in a list, a slider, or display the best article using Featured Post shortcode.

Categories display shortcodes

The theme includes various shortcodes to show particular listing categories as list or slider. Add a featured image for each to display in the created list.

Single booking shortcode

You can draw attention to the best of your listings with specific shortcodes. Designed to create a list, a slider or to add single featured properties published on your website.

Advanced Search

WpRentals offers the possibility to showcase your blog using specific shortcodes: blog articles in a list, a slider, or display the best article using Featured Post shortcode.

Login and Regster shortcodes

The theme includes various shortcodes to show particular listing categories as list or slider. Add a featured image for each to display in the created list.

Compatible Plugins

WPRentals includes integration for the most popular plugins, including Elementor Builder & WooCommerce for processing payments and offers you as included 3 premium add-ons with the theme license purchase: WpBakery Builder, Ultimate Addons and Rev Slider.


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WpRentals is 100% Envato Compliant

You are purchasing from Envato Power Elite authors, with proven 5-star record for customer support and more. The theme has been rewarded with the Envato Compliant Badge, an audit for themes that are up to the latest WordPress and Envato Coding & Securitiy standards. We are here to help with any question you may have.


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Website owners, freelances, agencies, everyone can use WpRentals to build a powerful real estate website. 

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